Oakland is a major West Coast port city in the U.S. state of California. Oakland is the third largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, the eighth-largest city in California, and the 45th-largest city in the U.S., with a population of 413,775 as of 2014. It serves as a trade center for the San Francisco Bay Area; its Port of Oakland is the busiest port for San Francisco Bay, all of Northern California, and fifth busiest in the United States. Incorporated in 1852, Oakland is the county seat of Alameda County. It is also the principal city of the Bay Area Region known as the East Bay. The city is situated directly across the bay, six miles (9.7 km) east of San Francisco.

History Edit

Pre-Spanish Colonialism Edit

From the time before the first Spanish conquistadors arrived in Mexico, California was under the control of Native America Gangrel, who had developed a fragile peace with the Children of Gaia.

Spanish Colonialism Edit

Following the discovery of the New World by European explorers, Kindred in the Old World began to plant agents within expeditions. The city of Oakland was founded in 1850, shortly after the Camarilla had seized control of the Bay Area from the Anarch Free State.

Final Nights Edit

For much of Oakland's history, the city along with the rest of the Bay Area was sovereign territory of the Prince of San Francisco. It was only after a large influx of Kindred did the Camarilla decide to partition the Prince's lands, much to his dismay. Thus, a prince of Oakland and a prince of San Jose were appointed.

The Camarilla-Sabbat War Edit